Twist. Don’t even think about sticking. Acceleration. Purple Tuesday is on a roll. Improve the disabled customer experience. 2 November. Fix in diary. Good for the business. Increasingly expected by investors. About time for disabled customers. Your staff want to deliver. At a recent conference a straw poll showed 92% of the delegates have a disabled relative or someone with a disability in their close network. The why?

Some suggestions for energising staff on Purple Tuesday. A lunchtime book club. Staff to have read a disability related book and share thoughts and wider experiences with others. The great Purple Tuesday quiz with an emphasis on purple. Note. Not all the answers will relate to a Prince song! The Purple Tuesday word search. And anagram. Unscramble the letters to identify different impairments.

Simply click here to get your resources.

My ask. All your staff to take a selfie giving the Purple Tuesday thumbs up on 2 November and share on social media using #ThumbsUp and #PurpleTuesday. The most creative or exotic will win their organisation a year’s subscription of #Purple365 to support the training of all staff.

Staff are the key to unlocking brilliant experiences in your organisation for all. Time to unleash them. We have the opportunity to make a real difference. If you have never reshared a post make this your first. 8,000 social media messages last year. Top trended at #4 worldwide last year. This year we will reach #2. I am not greedy. #1 next year.

Reshare Friday.

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