Trickle. Stream. My downstairs toilet. It has just taught me a life lesson. Last weekend the flush broke. My main concern was flooding the floor. The water did not rise. Instant reaction. Close the door and sort out a fix early the following week. Out of step thinking. Thoughts focussed on out of hours cost. Dare I say it. Out of touch.

The kids forcefully reminded me about the waste of water. My attitude has got our world in its current mess. A plumber got called. The problem rectified. A contribution to the environment.

That was my second battle with wider climate change issues in three days. I had become consumed by COP26 – UN Climate Change Conference and the impact on limiting Purple Tuesday media coverage. Disability is an integral part of the climate change conversation. Not separate.

With parallels to Covid-19 disabled people are disproportionately impacted with extreme climate changes. Bonfires become wildfires. Wind becomes tornado. Sunshine becomes scorched earth. Access to emergency shelters become a barrier. Disabled people become isolated. At risk. People with long term health conditions suffer. And I don’t use that word lightly. Social immobility. Prohibits migration. In danger of getting left behind.

Kyoto and the Paris Agreement are our DDA and Equality Act equivalent. Toothless if ignored.

The link between my downstairs toilet and world matters gets more visible every day. Disability can help change the current climate conversation.

Shared agenda Friday.

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