Stopped. In my tracks. Trooping the Colour. Four years ago. Disability employment conference. Presentation. Knew what had to be said. Salmon swimming against the tide. To transform disability employment. Stop talking disability employment. Focus on the disabled customer instead. Stunned silence. Maverick. Joker. The powerful pause. Smashed to smithereens by the noise. A full dress rehearsal twenty foot to stage right. Literally drowned out. Could see the chuckles. Feel the yelps of delight. Back in my box.

My argument. Investment in talent. Not subsidy. Realising potential. Not pity. Retention. Not merely good thing to do. Good businesses reflect their consumer base in their workforce. The root to a sustainable solution.

Talent pool. Not just a puddle. Jolted last week seeing the news item about Amrit, the disabled job seeker. All I want is for someone to have faith in me. Not to be told their office ‘isn’t safe’ for blind employees. Yesterday’s chip wrapper. COVID delivered the single biggest reasonable work adjustment in history. Overnight. Society must not take a step backwards. Forward momentum at pace. Non-negotiable.

Changing the conversation requires conviction. Often lonely. Temporary. Others then follow. Trickle. Stream. River. Opens up to an estuary. Next time you hear the crashing of a cymbal. Think employment of talented people. Who happen to have a disability.

Salmon Friday.

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