Purple and Purple Tuesday are proud supporters of the International day of persons with disabilities.

International Day of People with Disabilities

Purple and Purple Tuesday are proud supporters of the International day of persons with disabilities.International Day of People with Disabilities


On behalf of Purple and Purple Tuesday I am very proud to be supporting International Day of People with Disabilities.  As a disabled person working in the sector, I have been involved in the celebration for over 20 years and can see how much it has grown as an event.  Disability is a global issue with 15% of the world’s population having an impairment – this equates to over one billion people with a purchasing power of $8 trillion.

I am so pleased hidden disabilities is a core theme this year.  In the UK over 80% of disabled people have hidden impairments but yet so many choose not to declare.  We know the global Covid-19 pandemic is accelerating the rise of mental health conditions, and we must make it our collective responsibility to eradicate the issue as taboo as we move into 2021.

As part of Purple’s commitment to the International Day, we will be releasing a series of four videos, from tomorrow, to help you learn the alphabet in British Sign Language (BSL).  Our thanks to Liyah from St. Anne’s Preparatory School for her assistance.  We will then want you to use your new language skills to take part in our BSL Christmas crossword which will be coming to you soon.

Today I am going to be busy.  I am taking part in a Channel 4 4Talks webinar changing the conversation on disability and then joining the RIDI Awards later in the day to celebrate the achievements of the recruitment industry to attract and retain disabled talent.

To achieve change we have to work in collaboration and so I am delighted to support Purple Light Up and The Valuable 500 in their celebratory activities.

A lot has happened in 20 years.  A lot more needs to happen in the next 20 years to permanently change the disability conversation.

Mike Adams
CEO, Purple
3 December 2020

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