Exscared. A mash up of excited and scared. Raw mixed emotions last week. Back on the road after 18 months. Key addresses in front of live audiences. Churning stomach. Bone aching. A frisson never replicated from my spare bedroom.

The outside world has changed. My disabled railcard expired 10 months ago unnoticed. The taxi rank alongside Platform 10 at Liverpool Street has simply disappeared. My lifeline to a short walk no longer there. And from the venue back, the private hire taxi no longer allows passengers in the front. My reasonable adjustment. Thank goodness no paparazzi to see my undignified climb into the back seat.

Following the first event, Revo – Retail. Property. Community. I found distressed muscles I didn’t realise even existed. A new accessibility challenge. Physical and mental. For event two I was more assertive with wheelchair support and buggies. To the point of being totally on brand with our Purple Tuesday disability sector partner, Hidden Disabilities Sunflower. Thank you for taking the walking strain.

But the adrenalin rush. Microphone picking up my rising heartbeat. The stage. Audience interaction. The noise. Smell. Applause.

Reconnected. The messaging is being received differently. At our headline partner eBay Conference for Sellers disability was imbued as an opportunity. We must build on momentum to change the conversation?

After that week I am running on fumes. Like most of the UK!

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