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Communication – April 2023

Please see below a communication for all customers who are in receipt of a Direct Payment from Essex County Council.

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Timesheet Templates – Essex

Timesheet template to complete and send to Purple.

Interested in recruiting a Personal Assistant/Carer?

Employing personal assistants (PA’s) / carers can improve your independence significantly – you can choose who you want to support you, the tasks they need to do, and when you need them. Purple know that it can also be quite daunting but good information and advice can really make a positive difference.

Essex Direct Payment Toolbox

Timesheet Templates – Essex

Timesheet template to complete and send to Purple.

Timesheet Schedules for 2023

Timesheet schedules for 2023.

New PA/Carer Employee Form – Essex

A form to be completed to register your PA with Purple.

P46 New Starter Checklist – Essex

A government form required to be completed as an employer.

Authorising Your Agent Form – Essex

A government form required to be completed to authorise Purple to exchange and disclose information about you with HM Revenue and Customs.

Customer (Employer) Registration Form – Essex

Standing Order Mandate and Letter – Essex

Direct Debit Form – Essex

Why use Purple?

Purple is about disability. Direct Payments is one part of your life and we provide a range of activities and support which put you at the heart of decisions. From the personal experiences of our staff we know the importance of getting things right first time, and when you need it..

When you start working with Purple, you will speak to someone who will listen to you (and your family) and who is focused on your needs, at a time and in a way that works for you – face to face, phone, email or through digital technology.

Your named co-ordinator is experienced and fully trained in providing you with the best possible advice and supporting you to make the choices and decisions that are right for you on an ongoing basis.

We will make sure your service is straightforward and hassle-free, making things as easy as possible. We will be available outside of usual office hours and will always try to be as flexible as possible to meet your needs.


Keeping in Touch

Our Essex based team will be happy to meet you and are experts in helping you to access wider resources and support available in the city.

Alongside the internet you can access information about your account via phone, email and face to face meetings.

Phone: 01245 392 300


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