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Bringing Disabled People and Businesses Together

We believe that bringing disabled people and business together will change the conversation from one of disadvantage and inequality to one about potential and value.

For too long, conversations about disabled people have been hamstrung by fear – fear of causing offence, of being politically incorrect or of being misunderstood.


Changing the Conversation

Changing the conversation is about unleashing the Purple Pound for the benefit of disabled people, their communities and businesses:

  • There are more than 12 million disabled people in the UK who have a combined spending power of £249 billion and are fiercely loyal to disabled friendly organisations
  • Talented employees with lived experience of disability offer fresh perspectives on the workplace and the consumer market that could help shape new and better products and services
  • New technology is driving products and services that increase the choice, control and independence of disabled people


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Our Products and Services

Our products and services are about building business confidence and understanding of the disability market, getting disabled people into rewarding careers and providing support services for disabled people with Personal Budgets.

To find out more about the team behind Purple, visit who we are and discover what we do.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the catalyst for change in creating opportunities that transform futures by bringing together disabled people and business for a single purpose.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to transform thinking and change the conversation to support businesses and disabled people, creating sustainable solutions for the benefit of society.

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