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Purple Tuesday has purpose.  It is focussed on changing the customer experience for disabled people and their families.  It is making organisations more accessible and opening up the £274 billion disability market.  And it is showing staff (50% who will have a disabled relative or someone in their close network), they work for an organisation that care and share their inclusion values.

For all my words over the last year, I could not have put it better than a comment received from a Purple Tuesday participant last week:

Would love it if all businesses would shine a light on providing a good customer experience for disabled people all year round, not just on Purple Tuesday”.

Purple Tuesday has grown up and, as they say, cut through.  Last Tuesday:

  • We achieved a media reach of 17.4 million, across 272 pieces of media, up 51% on last year.
  • We were trending in the top 10 worldwide on Twitter for a large part of the day. Extraordinary when you think it was US election day, two days before the second Covid-19 lockdown and   the morning after the Vienna terrorist attack.
  • A post from me got 28,500 users (and rising) and over 900 reactions. Two weeks ago if 400 read my posts I was skipping!

But it will all count for very little if Purple Tuesday is perceived as a one-day awareness event and disabled people don’t feel, see and hear the impact.  It will count for nothing if Purple Tuesday doesn’t take on board the very loud feedback from organisations across all sectors, particularly SMEs, who say we get it, want it, but need some support and guidance to do it right.

One week on and we have listened.  Today we are launching Purple Tuesday 365, a subscription service (starting 1 January 2021) to support organisations and their staff to access knowledge, understanding and practical approaches to make a better disabled customer experience 365 days a year a reality.

For all the details you need for your organisation to make it a reality go to Purple Tuesday 365.

Talking reality, we understand the difficult economic times at the moment.

For organisations with under 50 staff, Purple Tuesday is an investment of £1 a day (plus VAT).

For organisations with over 50 staff, it is an investment of £10 a day.

Last week I was a presenter on a global webinar and a wise individual (not me) predicted this was the decade of inclusion, and that if you didn’t have inclusion credentials then you would struggle to survive as consumers switched brands.

Purple Tuesday works for your disabled customers.  It will work for your organisation.  And its purpose will be expected by your staff.

The world is changing.  Be a part of making disabled people central to that change.

Mike Adams
CEO, Purple
10 November 2020

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