Wellbeing Programme

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Good Mental Wellbeing

Good mental wellbeing – some people call it happiness – is all about feeling good and functioning well.

Our wellbeing programme will help you create your own personal plan focused on five proven ways to improve your wellbeing by:

  • connecting with other people
  • being active
  • taking notice of the world around you
  • giving
  • keeping learning


Choosing Activities

Purple will work with you to choose activities that are manageable and achievable. Even very small changes like taking a walk, planning to smile at people when you are out and about or giving up your seat on public transport can make a big difference in helping you to improve your wellbeing.


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Wellbeing Plan

Our wellbeing team can support you to write and implement your plan and provide information and support as you progress.

You can also click here to take the NHS wellbeing self-assessment online (opens in new window).

Please note that this self-assessment is embedded directly from the NHS website. If you require this in a different format, please download the Word version below.



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Get in Touch!

Please get in touch with Purple if you would like us to send you any of these documents in a different format. We’d also love to hear your experience if you are completing the programme independently!

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