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What is a support plan?

At Purple we can enable you to live the life you want, it all starts with a carefully developed support plan.

If you are assessed by social services and are found to be eligible for support, the next stage is to draw up a care and support plan, or in the case of a carer with eligible needs, a support plan.

If you receive a Direct Payment then you will need a support plan to show how you will use this money to help you meet your needs and live a better life. Purple support plans are all about you. They give a complete picture of the hopes and aspirations you have for your quality of life and allow you to plan your own route to achieving this better quality of life.


What do you get?

Our experienced support planners provide:

  • Understanding, knowledge and advice gained through experience (both personal and professional)
  • Respect (you know best about how your support needs will be met and we don’t pretend otherwise)
  • Confidentiality (nothing goes into the support plan without your agreement)
  • Regular communication, keeping you up-to-date on the progress of the plan


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Living with your Plan

Once your plan is validated by a local authority you can go on to live the life you planned according to the hopes and aspirations in your plan.

For a better understanding of our support planning service please view our support plan templates which are available to download:

If you’re having a social care review and need to create or amend your support plan, ask your key worker to refer you to Purple. We’ll ensure your support plan works for you.

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