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Our Local NHS-Commissioned Personal Health Budget Service

Purple provides a local NHS-commissioned Personal Health Budget service to help users manage their payments and offer advice and guidance.

Continued support

We provide an end-to-end service, which supports individuals from initial referral, through formal provision of advice and information, support planning and employment and recruitment support. We also help people to think about the various ways in which a Personal Health Budget might be managed, this could be through a payment made directly to the person (a Direct Payment) or via a managed service provided by Purple.

You must be referred to Purple to access our formal Personal Health Budget service

Our service is accessed on a referral basis only so if you are interested in working with Purple you need to contact your own local Clinical Commissioning Group which can provide you with further advice or a referral if appropriate.

You can identify your local Clinical Commissioning Group on the NHS Choices website.

The Personal Health Budget journey

Once we receive a formal referral from your Clinical Commissioning Group, our team of advisors will work alongside you on your Personal Health Budget journey. The process typically takes between six and 12 weeks from the point of referral, depending on the complexity of your needs and allowing for approvals and sign-off from your local Clinical Commissioning Group.

For more information, pleaseĀ click here to contact us.

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